A combination of knowhow, outreach and self-management skills 

MAIA Engineering focuses its dynamism and commitment on the success of its clients' projects, as well as on assisting its consultants in their career development.

MAIA Engineering' values are based first and foremost and above all on those of people: colleagues and clients, who every day add to the company’s story and create its success.

From the merger between PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY 

MAIA Engineering is a mechanical engineering consulting firm proposing several different packages to its clients: delivery on the client site, so-called 'outsourced' delivery within its Research Department (in Technical Assistance, Service Centre or Turnkey Package) depending on the criticality of the project, its environment and the client's requirements. Our teams are daily assigned projects with a strong technological character.



The shared desire to build a story together 

MAIA Engineering strives to offer its employees innovative and technically proven projects, to guarantee them enrichment in their skills, as well as development of their expertises and responsibilities. To join us is to take part in a human adventure where values are inscribed with all of our employees on a daily basis.